Hello Everyone

Sorry WordPress for not being around. I got caught up with an Asian Nurse, things were great, BUT then I Found out she’s Married!!!!


I was devastated. Like what the hell!


Even at work, things tug at my brain. How do you justify putting hands on another mans woman? Ethics out the window. I feel im submerged in a tough position. It went from pure sex to intimate. Ladies what you think?

I went from rags to riches when younger. The better i do, the more complicated my life is.

Fellas, treat those good women right. They do get fed up!

Welcome to My Odd Life

Stories are great. Disturbing even better. True disturbing stories, well, who wouldn’t like to hear.

I can’t tell anybody in my life about this. Masked Confessions.

A caring, passionate, dark minded person. Involved in the oddest things event wise and, let’s go.

I work three jobs, but I’m rich. I work hard. I vanished, met a girl. Woman. She’s married. Has a child. I’m crazy for her. Almost a three way relationship. But he doesn’t know. Don’t diss her.

He’s abusive but a child binds them. I go there everyday. I’m stuck and don’t know where to go with it. I invaded dangerous territory. Daily help from people on here would help?